• Wealth Management With a Holistic Approach: Michele Kief

  • Posted on June 15, 2018
  • Investment counselor Michele Kief wants her clients to prepare for a bright future in retirement. Her approach to wealth management is more holistic than many, primarily because she prefers to see travel and have a great life right now, and not just wait for the future to come because both are important. Michele Kief is primarily a financial adviser, but she has a different goal than many. She has a passion for assisting clients with their goals and dreams for a stable financial future, even as she helps them realize that life doesn’t stop in the meantime.

    Michele Kief is so successful as an advisor in part because she focuses on the very specific and personal needs and desires of each one, but also because she has gained and maintained access to a very diverse network of resources and support. Through that network, she can help them make informed investment decisions and to travel the word and experience everything life has to offer now. For example, one of her favorite pieces of travel advice is to buy tourism discount cards, which cost less than a couple of museum visits, even though they can see almost everything.

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